Saturday, October 17, 2009

Urban Street Bazaar and Etsy Fort Worth

On October 11, I went to the Urban Street Bazaar in the Bishop Arts District of Oak Cliff (Dallas, TX) to support the Etsy Fort Worth team. I snapped this shot of Chase and Stephanie in their booth "Sketch Customs". Check out both their shops beginning with for really great tees and more!

It was a cloudy, cool day...perfect for browsing all the handmade, vintage, and art booths.

"Jane Joss" has wonderful flowers and plants made from vintage fabric. Check out the shop at for some unusual home decor ideas.

More vendors can be browsed at

Lots of wonderful galleries (my favorite in the area is Artisan's Collective), restaurants, and shops in the Bishop Arts District so I took my muse and wandered thru the inspiring afternoon!

No, this is not "my muse", just a happy customer at the local sidewalk cafe!


  1. What a wonderful review of the Bazaar! I completely forgot to take pictures when I was there. I had to borrow some just to mention it.

    I was my first time at the Bishop Arts District. It's a great little area!

  2. Looks like lots of fun, and lots of good stuff for browsing through. Great pics!