Saturday, October 17, 2009

Texas State Fair

Welcome to the State Fair of Texas. I always go directly to the Midway. It's hard to get excited about the latest John Deere tractors, Aunt Ida's best jam recipe, or the new cars of 2010! I'm looking for the sideshows, freak shows, haunted houses, anything strange!

The dazzling light show of what has to be the world's tallest ferris wheel is always hypnotic.

The carousel....did anyone see the movie "Something Wicked This Way Comes"? (The book is so much better!)

At last, the Haunted House! The gargoyles were awesome! They were huge and the grunting and growling was deafening! I love it! It would be so cool to have one on each side of the driveway! The neighborhood association would burn us out!

The tufts of gray hair hanging off this handsome fella's chin and boobs is a nice touch. He had a bit of "navel hair" too!! With all the grunting and growling he did, you would think he was "sitting on the can"....kind of looks like it doesn't it!?

This big fella is my favorite! His roar was earshattering and the wing span was over 12 feet across! I wanted to take him home! He was in constant motion so this shot is a bit blurry.

We wandered the Midway listening to the barkers shout their wares, enjoying the light shows, and screams of terrified kids trying not to barf as they spun out of control on this lovely autumn evening!

Big Tex wishes everyone a "Good Night" in a booming voice! He is over 40 feet high and dressed in Dickie jeans!

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