Thursday, October 8, 2009

Deja Vu Dream is a Reality

I love little purses you can throw a few bucks and a cell into and off you go! I can wander around a museum, art show, park and rarely realize I have a "handbag" slung over my shoulder. Here are the little beauties of Deja Vu Dream Etsy shop I have recently opened.
Some are name brands, some are just fun and who cares! There will be quite a variety and more to come. I have discovered boxes of these vintage items in the depths of my scary closet. Also, clothes will appear soon. Oddities pop up whenever! Put Deja Vu Dream on your favorites list and check back often!

Love the purse with license plates....a perfect roadtrip accessory!

How about a little 60's hippie horoscope bag! It was the "Age of Aquarius" for much too short a time! (Sorry, this one is sold, but there are more to see!)

Lipstick Red...metal mesh. Silky and sensual. Great for your Christmas party and sexy new dress! (Sorry this red beauty just sold, but visit my shop for more things of interest!) Don't wait until they are gone!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh yes!! Love these, especially the license plate bag! Can't wait to get a look at the new shop. But of course, you know my favorite small purse is my lizard purse... holds just what I need and doesn't break my arm or shoulder if I'm out wandering for the day!