Sunday, October 30, 2011

Honoring a Loving Companion

It is with great sadness I begin an overdue and long delayed blog post about the passing of our beloved Dalmatian, Oreo. In March of this year, Oreo became very ill. Within one week she was so seriously ill that we made one of the hardest part with our girl, loving and faithful companion of ten and a half years, to mercifully spare her the agony of a disease we could not cure or control. Oreo was suffering from a previously undetected, deeply embedded, abdominal tumor. Causing her extreme pain, it was an aggressive invasive malignancy. After many tests and a week in the animal hospital, trying to determine a diagnosis and/or treatment, she became suddenly worse. We were told it might possibly be inoperable and if removed,the tumor would cause Oreo many weeks (most likely months) of chemo and painful rehab with a good chance it would return. We loved Oreo too much to let her suffer because of our selfish wish to keep her with us a few months longer. We were with her until the last breath and we have added her small wooden box of ashes to a growing collection of our "fur children". We miss her every day. ShuShu, our cat and her constant friend and companion, misses her very much too.

Oreo and ShuShu, the constant nappers!

A more gentle soul was never born.....we miss you, our sweet girl.