Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Over! Gone for another year?

Ring the bell, close the book, quench the candle....

Halloween is over! it? FYI....I've decided to have Halloween all year long! Christmas is nice, but a little too "merry and bright". So Halloween will continue for another 365 day limited engagement....for me!

art by Janette

Friday, October 30, 2009

Demon....a poem for Halloween! Janette

I've never seen my demon,
but I can feel it.
Squirming around,
Way down deep inside,
Trying to position itself,
In a cradle,
Just behind my heart.

Snuggling under my ribs,
Catching my breath,
Clawing and scratching against my lungs.
Clotted with blood.

I sense a shadow passing behind my eyes.
The swish of a tail stirs the wind inside my bones.
It laps the soft blood beneath my breasts.
Sweet slurping sound, rhythms surging in my ears.

The weight of its belly sinks
Into the darkness of my womb.
It rests in the melancholy of twilight,
Keeping the secret of my soul.

I am devoted to its silent rituals.
Its corded tendons twisting around my spine,
Tremors creep across my fingers
As it stirs in the stillness of my heart.

It flows with my blood, slithering upward.
Upward into electric darkness,
Snaking through memory beyond time.
My brain surrenders to its hungry tongue.

Copyrighted and published in "Anniversary DiVerseCity", an anthology celebrating ten years of the Austin International Poetry Festival, Austin, Texas, 2002. art by Janette

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fred's in a Treasury!

Thank you Rebecca, KneeDeepOrginals, for including Fred in your new Halloween "Zombie" treasury!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Etsy Mini for Favorites!

I have a new Etsy Mini sidebar with some of my favorite Etsy items and shops. Take a few moments to click on these thumbnails and discover a new favorite shop of your own! It is located just after the Etsy Fort Worth button! They will change at least every two to three weeks so keep watching for more fascinating goodies!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Spider Lace and Fuzzy Face!

Look closely in the leaves and see the wonderful lace I discovered on a dewy morning. I never saw the spider, but she does beautiful work!

Okay, I admit it, I talk to caterpillars! "Fuzzy Face" and I had a lovely morning chat in the sunshine. He was so gorgeous with his lemon yellow fuzz and black spikes! Not much to say, but quite a flirt!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Urban Street Bazaar and Etsy Fort Worth

On October 11, I went to the Urban Street Bazaar in the Bishop Arts District of Oak Cliff (Dallas, TX) to support the Etsy Fort Worth team. I snapped this shot of Chase and Stephanie in their booth "Sketch Customs". Check out both their shops beginning with for really great tees and more!

It was a cloudy, cool day...perfect for browsing all the handmade, vintage, and art booths.

"Jane Joss" has wonderful flowers and plants made from vintage fabric. Check out the shop at for some unusual home decor ideas.

More vendors can be browsed at

Lots of wonderful galleries (my favorite in the area is Artisan's Collective), restaurants, and shops in the Bishop Arts District so I took my muse and wandered thru the inspiring afternoon!

No, this is not "my muse", just a happy customer at the local sidewalk cafe!

Texas State Fair

Welcome to the State Fair of Texas. I always go directly to the Midway. It's hard to get excited about the latest John Deere tractors, Aunt Ida's best jam recipe, or the new cars of 2010! I'm looking for the sideshows, freak shows, haunted houses, anything strange!

The dazzling light show of what has to be the world's tallest ferris wheel is always hypnotic.

The carousel....did anyone see the movie "Something Wicked This Way Comes"? (The book is so much better!)

At last, the Haunted House! The gargoyles were awesome! They were huge and the grunting and growling was deafening! I love it! It would be so cool to have one on each side of the driveway! The neighborhood association would burn us out!

The tufts of gray hair hanging off this handsome fella's chin and boobs is a nice touch. He had a bit of "navel hair" too!! With all the grunting and growling he did, you would think he was "sitting on the can"....kind of looks like it doesn't it!?

This big fella is my favorite! His roar was earshattering and the wing span was over 12 feet across! I wanted to take him home! He was in constant motion so this shot is a bit blurry.

We wandered the Midway listening to the barkers shout their wares, enjoying the light shows, and screams of terrified kids trying not to barf as they spun out of control on this lovely autumn evening!

Big Tex wishes everyone a "Good Night" in a booming voice! He is over 40 feet high and dressed in Dickie jeans!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Be Yourself!

"Be yourself....everyone else is taken."......Oscar Wilde

art by Janette

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Deja Vu Dream is a Reality

I love little purses you can throw a few bucks and a cell into and off you go! I can wander around a museum, art show, park and rarely realize I have a "handbag" slung over my shoulder. Here are the little beauties of Deja Vu Dream Etsy shop I have recently opened.
Some are name brands, some are just fun and who cares! There will be quite a variety and more to come. I have discovered boxes of these vintage items in the depths of my scary closet. Also, clothes will appear soon. Oddities pop up whenever! Put Deja Vu Dream on your favorites list and check back often!

Love the purse with license plates....a perfect roadtrip accessory!

How about a little 60's hippie horoscope bag! It was the "Age of Aquarius" for much too short a time! (Sorry, this one is sold, but there are more to see!)

Lipstick Red...metal mesh. Silky and sensual. Great for your Christmas party and sexy new dress! (Sorry this red beauty just sold, but visit my shop for more things of interest!) Don't wait until they are gone!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Feed the Turtles

I have two little turtles just waiting to be fed. Click on the blue water and food will will the turtles! They will swim and eat as long as you feed them! When you touch their heads, they backpaddle! Cute, huh! Doesn't take much to entertain me! And I don't have to clean the tank!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Trout Fishing in America....Ezra and Keith

I'm a huge fan of Trout Fishing in America and I wanted to share them with you. I came across this drawing I did when I was inspired by their song "Back When I Could Fly". I encourage you to use the link to check out their site and plug into "Trout Radio" for some great music.

This is a photo from one of their concerts...l to, Keith, my friend Elsie, and Ezra. I have a few other photos to share of us when I did a poster for the LibraryFest they participated in and Ezra signing a t-shirt I designed. Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet are very special, generous folks and you will fall in love with them and their music! Check it out!

Keith and Ezra signing a CD...and a shot of the Christmas CD inside cover, "Merry Fishes".

Trout is in the Top 100 most influential indie artists in the past 15 years. Four time Grammy nominees! Check out the "News" section on for more great facts....even a CD in space!
A Trout concert is more fun than you can imagine with folks of all ages from toddlers to seniors clapping and singing along to well loved songs!

I'm holding a LibraryFest poster I designed with Trout's image and lots of fish! I'm glancing over to my friends who are heckling me with "you're too old to be a Trout groupie"....not so, never!! Well, this is the end of my "promo" for one of my favorite bands and if you have anyone who loves beautiful music and funny songs for kids and adults alike....their CD's are the answer! You can't beat standards like..."My Hair Had A Party Last Night", "Pico De Gallo" (used in a salsa ad campaign), "Snow Day", "The Eleven Cats of Christmas", "Baby's Got The Car Keys", wonderful "Lullaby" and, one of my many favorites, "Back When I Could Fly"....all great and a great gift!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Doggie Porn

Bogart is "happily" neutered and feeling great again! Here's a little "doggie porn". I think it's a cute picture. He enjoys life with "wild abandon"....totally uninhibited!! Part of his charm. I would like to encourage folks out there to spay and neuter their pets. They are so much happier and healthier! We don't need more unwanted animals in this world. We rescued Bogart, but there are so many more sad cases we could prevent with responsible ownership.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Countdown to Halloween

Check out the official Countdown to Halloween and join the fun! Just click on the "links to enjoy" listed site to the right of your screen and find out what's happening all over the country!

art by Janette