Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Etsy Mini for Favorites!

I have a new Etsy Mini sidebar with some of my favorite Etsy items and shops. Take a few moments to click on these thumbnails and discover a new favorite shop of your own! It is located just after the Etsy Fort Worth button! They will change at least every two to three weeks so keep watching for more fascinating goodies!


  1. Looks good... and thanks for featuring my necklace. The first item I clicked on was the Mother of Pearl Faerie, which I love, and lo and behold... the artist lives only about 45 minutes or so away from me... just over the NC/VA line! Small world.

  2. I am loving your banner. We went to Dallas last weekend but didn't visit the Fair. After reading your blog I wish we had gone there. But then there was a certain football game going on...