Sunday, February 28, 2010


Just because......I haven't posted much lately and it is beginning to look a lot like Spring! The moon is full, the air is balmy and I smell Spring on the horizon. Listen to the earth and you can almost hear those little leaves growing and buds popping! Rebirth and renewal are here.....can Halloween be far behind (yes, I know...I'm always thinking about Halloween)!!

art by Janette

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Well, I almost slept thru Valentine's Day! After being snowed in for several days and so cold I couldn't sleep, I had to catch up! Eight or nine inches of snow may not sound like a lot, but in Fort Worth, it is a major event. Over 200,000 homes throughout the Metroplex had no electricity for several days. We were "trapped" in our home with no electricity or heat because of downed tree limbs and icy slopes. We packed our food in snow and burned every candle and flashlight we could find. We don't have a fireplace so no heat source was available and the temp in our house was forty degrees for three days! Hotels were full and taxis were scarce. It was a nightmare, but it is over and we are so thankful for all the things we take for granted....heat, hot food, transportation, lights!! Now, you know why I had to take a nap!!

We still have lots of tree branches to cut up, a fence to repair, a downed power line in our driveway to avoid (until the power company makes it to our neighborhood). We are slowly returning to a normal schedule, but we just wanted to take a few moments to soak up the heat, hot water, warm food and lamplight!! Happy Belated Valentine's Day to everyone!

art by Janette