Saturday, September 26, 2009

Meow Mummy!

The Halloween shops are stocking and will be open soon! I peeked in the windows of two huge stores in my area and almost drooled on the glass! I love to see the new zombies and monsters! I punch all the buttons on the interactive toys to get everything screaming and squealing in a chorus that sounds like a bad cat fight! Music to my ears!

art by Janette


  1. This guy is great! Love love love him! (At least I'm guessing it's a him! But it could be a her, at certain times of the month!!) We used to go all out with our Halloween decorations when the kids were at home and especially when they were younger. But not now... we are so deep in the woods that we'd be the only ones to see it! However, my husband has kept this wonderful little Halloween gadget that my youngest, as a joke, stuck in a desk drawer sooo many years ago. It's light activated, so when you open the desk drawer, a very creepy and spooky sounding song plays... every time I hear it, it just makes me smile and smile... good memories and so great that my husband has kept it all these years!

  2. Thanks for loving my mummy. I kind of love him too! Cats generally have an attitude, but when they have used their nine lives....they are pissed!