Monday, September 21, 2009

Celebrate Autumn Equinox

Autumn Afternoon

In the caramel glow of an autumn afternoon,
Candles pour dark wine over cobweb dreams,
Warm wool and sparks of flame caress my soul.
Drowsing in amber, cool shadows fill the corners,
I drift into the light of a winter moon.

.....Janette 1999

Photo by Janette


  1. that is one poem that makes me feel hungry, thirsty, chilly and cozy all in one... hee hee. you are a talent, Janette.

  2. Love the poetic images... so visual... lonely but comforting all in one. Love the photo too. Wish we had some sun to have a sunset!! 7 days of grey skies. Aargh!

  3. great photo and I love the poem..very lyrical and conjures up lovely yet haunting images. This is my favorite season..thanks for putting it into words ;-)
    your friend,
    Janet...I found you on the etsy forums this morning

  4. Happy first day of fall - my favorite season! Lovely photo.
    Daily Paint Journal