Saturday, March 13, 2010


I saw this little tree in a busy parking lot and upon closer inspection, noticed this amazing work of art. An industrious and talented little bird built an incredible nest of twigs, plastic and (most of all) string! This little momma wound the string around branches, twigs, etc. to create an anchored work of art! Look closely for the string....I've never seen a nest quite this unique!

See towards the center of photo (the straight line) for string that is repeatedly wrapped around small branches!

Click on any photo for a real close-up and you will see even more intertwining of various types of string! This was no "bird brain builder"!!

The string is visible in the nest along with her assorted building materials! She was so creative! Look to the upper right branch, this little bird wrapped a piece of string around the branch and into the nest!
Look to the left of the left branch and you will see a straight anchor string....very clever!

Here is another view of an "anchor string" (towards the middle). This little momma wrapped that string around the bottom branches (see limbs on bottom of photo). She was building a nest to withstand a Texas tornado.....and it did! Isn't Nature amazing!?


  1. Have you seen the bird building this nest? I think this might be a squirrel's nest. Just a guess. Vee

  2. wow! an engineer bird! she wanted to make sure her babies were safe!

  3. Hey Vee! Didn't look large enough for a squirrel, but is possible. There were a lot of little sparrows around so I guessed... "birds"! Whatever built bird or genius squirrel, it is an engineering marvel. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Looks like a bird's nest to me! It's amazing... but birds are pretty intuitive when it comes to providing a safe haven for their eggs. These are great photos... thanks for sharing them!!

  5. Amazing! It's so incredible what some creatures know to do instinctively. This one has done a very good job indeed!