Sunday, February 28, 2010


Just because......I haven't posted much lately and it is beginning to look a lot like Spring! The moon is full, the air is balmy and I smell Spring on the horizon. Listen to the earth and you can almost hear those little leaves growing and buds popping! Rebirth and renewal are here.....can Halloween be far behind (yes, I know...I'm always thinking about Halloween)!!

art by Janette

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  1. You are too funny... with Halloween! I am loving seeing some green shoots and buds popping out of my garden. And on Monday I saw yellow forsythia blooming... a wonderful sight indeed. Though we had three inches of snow yesterday, today's warmer temps have melted most of it, and now the sun is out... which makes my spirit seem a little lighter!

    Your bunny seems to me a mix of spring, Easter, and Halloween... with that full moon, so it's perfect, right? Right!