Saturday, November 19, 2011


Sharing some of my work companions at the University of North Texas Health Science Center. I work in Lewis Library and we check out "body parts" to the medical students, professors, and outside teachers. I didn't have room to share all the bodies with you, but here are a few favorites!
Edgar's "in the closet" for repairs, but he likes to take little sneak peeks to check up on his companions!
I told you Edgar was keeping an eye on everyone....especially the "pretty girls"!
Handsome Harry waits patiently for someone to notice him! He could use a facelift or maybe just a little more skin!
Everyone could use a hand once in awhile....we have a few to go around!
Maxine and her new beau are just hanging out! Maxine is the one with all the patriotic colors....a girl has to be different to get noticed!

You do want your doctor to study case he finds one while examining you!

Now for the best one...... ALIEN BABY ........our personal favorite!!

All the OB/GYN students get to meet Alien Baby and the pelvis he (or maybe she) comes from! Guess I could title this "Mother and Child" (at least parts of them).
Okay folks.....ready or's Showtime!!
Hello world, Alien Baby has arrived and is ready for lunch....which way to the breast buffet!
Maxine bids you farewell for she is busy making Halloween plans....and you hurry back for more ghoulish posts in the near future.

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  1. Hey Janette, these are fun! I'm always keeping an eye out for stuff like this just to draw from. Lucky you have a whole library of it!

    great post.