Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Don't have much going on today. Feel like crap with allergy and sinus attack so I thought I would post one of my favorite girls on today's blog! ShuShu is a "big boned" beauty weighing in at over 16 lbs. She is definitely an alpha cat and pack leader in this house. She loves to play with my Dalmatian's tail... much to Oreo's chagrin!

She cannot grow hair on her boobies and proudly displays her "Dolly Partons" for all the world to see! She has a "skunk stripe" down her back which makes us wonder if PePe LePew isn't in her lineage somewhere. She wandered up to our porch and established her territory so we had no choice! We adopted her when she was starving, but with the spirit of a lioness! Irresistible!


  1. what a beauty! and she knew the best place to call her new home now didn't she? Thinking of you too, during this holiday season... loss changes the meaning of so many things.

  2. Janette, what a wonderful post!! So sorry you aren't feeling well, but hey, look what WE get from that... this fabulous kitty and a great titty shot! Hee hee. I know you love her; she sounds like a very special one indeed!